Tamegroute - Candle Holder


The Tamegroute Pottery is a work of art a unique process that has been passed down generation from another, special to a specific region in the south using the region’s clay and the upstanding green colors for centuries. The clay digging and the process starts in the Draa River then it’s spined and shaped using old techniques to make bowls, vases plates pots and candle holders before it’s glazed with the green mixture to create this famous and distinctive  Green pottery.

The process is long but once colored they’re baked in a traditional oven in tamegroute  at high temperatures. This special regional process  makes every piece of Tamegroute unique with its own marks and patterns.

Material: Tamegroute (pottery)
Color: Greenish, brownish, yellowish
Size: 12-14cm / M 17-18cm / L 25-27cm
Weight: Approx. S=0.35kg, M=0.50kg, L=0.70kg
Care: Hand wash only
Special: Please note that each product is handcrafted by artisans, therefore can vary slightly in color and size

The minimum order quantity is 6 pieces per size.

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