FAQs " Products"

All you need to know

Are the measurements of the items always exact?

More or less, handmade items are not exactly the same, the precision is not like the machine made products and it applies to size as well as color. However the difference is not huge ± 0,5 or 1 cm.

How can I clean the wood pieces?

Hand washing and air drying wood is the best way to keep it as long as possible. We don't advise you to use the washing machine. 

How do I take care of the wood pieces?

You can take care of them by first hand washing them, air drying them. And from time to time treat them with vegetable oil or simply olive oil to give them some life; please note when treated by oil the color gets dark. 

Why is the color of the glasses slightly different?

The mouth blown glass products are made out of recycled glass and old bottles, production can slightly vary in colors and shape.

Can I use the glass products for hot water?

Absolutely, you can use them for coffee or whatever hot drink you like. Please make sure the water or liquid is not boiling.

Why does the Beldi glass have some air bubbles?

The Beldi glasses are mouth blown using recycled glass, their perfect imperfections are what makes them unique including air bubbles.

Why are the carafes spilling some water?

As explained before The Beldi collection is made traditionally and mouth blown which means they are slightly different sometimes and every opening is different too. However we test all the carafes and their spilling before shipping

What can I do if my glasses have little pointy corners?

The Beldi collection is mouth blown and the cutting process is handmade although it’s done as perfect as possible the cutting edges form a pointed corner. 

Hack: you can always file it or carve it.

Are the ceramics dishwasher safe?

Yes, the earth collection is dishwasher safe. Except the pieces with raffia. The sprinkle and the illustration collections should be washed by hand.

Is it possible to put the ceramic items into the microwave?

The Earth Collection is microwave safe.
The Sprinkle and Illustration Collections are not microwave safe. 

Are ceramic items safe for serving food ?

Yes All our ceramics are food safe, the glazing used is imported from italy and certified to not contain any metal residues. 

Please note that some food may discolor the ceramic or slightly change their tone especially if they contain food colorant.

Can the raffia products get wet?

No, we advise you to keep them dry far from water and if it happens make sure you dry them in the sun or by using a hair blower.
If you’re using them for plants, place a plate  under the pot.

How can I clean the blankets?

Hand washing is the best, the machine can destroy the tassels and they’ll lose their smoothness.

Can I put the kiria pillows into the washing machine?

We recommend hand washing but if you do wash them in the machine make sure you use a washing bag and use the hand washing program.

Tip: Brush or comb the tassel from time to time so keep their neat structure and fresh look.

How should I treat the hammam towels?

First with Love. They can be washed by hand or with the washing machine at 30 degrees.

Are you using new carpets for the pillows and the chairs?

We try our best to upcycle the carpets and give them a second life by creating new pieces and using them for chairs and pillows. Each piece is different and unique. 

What is Tamegroute?

Tamegroute pottery is a work of art. With a unique crafting process that has been passed down from generation to generation, the process begins at the River Draa where potters dig up the clay and then spin and shape the clay into unique bowls, mugs and serving platters. The pottery is then hand dipped into the glazing mixture giving the pottery it’s distinctive green colour. Once this process is complete the pottery is baked in one of the seven ovens in Tamegroute at a high temperature. The unique process is like no other and each piece produced bares it’s own marks, patterns and traits.

Can I return the Items if I don't like them?

Most of the products are curated and produced based on your order, if they are broken or defective they can be returned and exchanged.
If you simply don’t like them and wish to return them, a call with our team is necessary and a full return is only possible in exceptional cases. 

Do the Decor pieces look exactly like the photos?

The photos we take are contractual photos we make them as realistic as possible, the Decor Collection are pieces we hunt and source from the souks based on your order.
Please note pieces are handmade and handcrafted therefore unique and slightly different from each other. 

Are the mirrors machine-made ?

No, as everything we sell and produce they are handmade in Marrakech, and like any handmade item they have their unique signature and perfect imperfections.