About Us

What We Do

BE creative
We are the link between countries, traditions, old crafts, new design and people with talents. We accompany you on your creative process from idea to product. We connect you with the artisans and factories from Marrakech. We do research for materials, develop the samples with you and monitor your production. We make sure you will get the best quality at the right time. 

BE sustainable
With every order we support Moroccan craftsmanship and ensure that the artisans pass on their knowledge to the next generation, so that handmade products continue to exist in the market and the charm of the souk is not lost. Each artisan supports an entire family with their craft and women contribute to the family's livelihood by working at home.


BE in good hands
We can ensure you the feasibility of your ideas in Marrakech, because we know the craft and its conditions and thus approach the development in a targeted manner. 


BE experienced
Since 2015 Nicole has been implementing ideas with fashion and interior designers. Be it from a pair of babouches to complete interiors for restaurants and hotels.


BE special
We develop individual and customized offers. Tailored to your project. Together we find the best solutions and implement the ideas on time.