Ceramic - Tajine - Terracotta


Handmade with the mastery of artisanat and decades of practice, The Terracotta collection is our pride and joy. Our pieces are handmade on a turntable in an atelier owned for the eighth’s generation transferring the craftsmanship and skills from father to son since 1832. From Clay to modern nude authentic pieces, this collection is designed by us handcrafted by Ceramic Master Younes to enchante your tables and kitchens. 

Designing this collection was such a simple yet complex process as they are a  creation, therefore art pieces and nothing was more obvious for us than the origin of life, EARTH. And that was our inspiration for choosing the color combination, grounding, simple yet complex if you take a deep reflection of the origin of LIFE. 

The stone-shaped clay is extracted from the hills in Safi and hand-crushed by hand. From the clay to the finished product it takes 9 days and many different steps of work. 

Our Tajine version is designed in a modern to serve any kind of dishes and delights. 

Material: Ceramic
Color: Terracotta & Offwhite
Size: 5 x 20cm
Care: Hand wash only, do not place directly on fire.
Special: Hand made by local artisans in Marrakech

The minimum order quantity is 6 pieces.

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